All Music Guide - Published June 2003

Drumming Planet

Various Artists
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Drumming Planet
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various artists


AMG REVIEW: Music-Mosaic continued expanding its impressive catalog of compilation albums that blend ethnic and tribal textures with techno and dance grooves. This compilation features worldbeat percussion to great effect. The crystalline, full-range production sounds phenomenal, with seamless transitions between the various artists, including Professor Trance, Gabrielle Roth & the Mirrors, Adesa, Keiya, Solace, Baul Bishva, Native Ground, Edwin Evans, Ariel Kalma, and Phil Thornton. Seemingly every ethnic percussion instrument under the sun is used one place or another, and the results are consistent and trance-inducing - a tribal feast of rhythm and one of the best sounding Music-Mosaic compilations to date. - Jim Esch


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