Published on Amazing Sounds February 2004

February 10, 2004

Music Mosaic

In this compilation there is a varied stylistic content, although more or less it can be framed within the Tribal World-beat & Ethnic Fusion. This CD will awake the enthusiasm of the followers of the best World Music.
This is the content of the album:
Professor Trance: "Xingu". Friedel Lelonek: "Hamu". Zehava Ben: "Razali (Nabil Khalidi)". Kau: "Calango". Kamal M. Engels / Ariel Kalma: "Tribal Trance Dance". Bekaye Kouyate & Sonkoma: "Taniye". Didjworks: "Rhythm Culture". Adesa: "Akoma". Ariel Kalma: "Fou la tete". Karunesh: "Earthsong". Atman: "Gate Keeper".

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