Published on Demorama - July 2002

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Didgeridoo Trance Dance

1111 Coolamon Scenic Drive
Mullumbimby NSW 2482, Australia


Okay, now take that cool instrument many people can recognize, and few can identify or even spell. Then use it to make nine worldbeat songs that all seem to meld into each other without being repetitive or boring. Then you have this compilation, which stands up to my harsh test of what a compilation should be -- if I can listen to it in the dark lying on the couch in a rainstorm and not fall asleep, it is good. This CD passes the test with flying colors. I am not even a fan of worldbeat. I own some Psychic TV and a Shamen album, and that's the closest I get to trance, trip-hop and electronica, but I enjoyed this comp immensely. The thrumming susurrus of the didgeridoo permeates each track, which roam from relaxing to hypnotic to energetic; a pounding backbeat on "Factory Farm" by Didjworks, fingerpopping and tin cup rhythms on Hayan's "Kemetic Song," to a more techno sound on Global's "Didge-Na-Gig." I could mention every song, because they're all enjoyable, but you can go to www.music-mosaic.com and check it out yourself. This is one of those albums that makes reviewing worthwhile. So to conclude, NO, Deneen, you're not getting this CD back, dammit. Not for all the Count Chocula in the WORLD. (Tom "The Godfather" Pluck)

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