Published on Indian Electronica - March 2004

Goddess Groove
Written by Qasim
Wednesday, 24 March 2004

A laid back fusion compilation

Music Mosaic's aim of publishing harmonious multicultural musical expression in a compilation format proves successful with their newest 'Chill Out' compilation, Goddess Groove. Fusing influences from places as disparate as Thailand and Ireland, this disc is a 58 minute blend of relaxingly wafty music with feminine air.

Of its ten, the star tracks are 3 and 5; the first being Deep Dive Corp's mix of Y'mama, by Zehava Ben, where smooth echoey female Moroccan vocals float loftily on a clean up-tempo breakbeat. The second is Lan Gaelach by Hyper[borea], which is certainly the most hyper track but leave an excited impression even after its 7:35 minutes.

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