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Didgeridoo Trance Dance (Complilation, Music-Mosaic)

Music Mosaic (http://www.music-mosaic.com/) is an Australian based record company run by the husband and wife team of Ariel and Ama Kalma. Ariel runs the music side and Ama runs the business end. Judging from their website and press package, it's a combination that works well.

Didgeridoo Trance Dance is a compilation CD of world music featuring the didigeridoo, an Australian wind instrument, set to trance and dance beats.

 The CD starts with "Gurrupuruna," by Gondwana. This is the most vocal of all tracks, using traditional Arnhem chants mixed with a driving dance beat. It sets the tone of the CD and lets you know that this is not your typical trance cd.

 "Anyway I Tell Ya,"  by Ganga Girl slides in as the next song. This is a fast paced techno thriller. Definate dance club song. I take that back, it's not just a dance club song. It's more like a dance club song in a David Lynch flick, if you get my meaning.

And the remainder of the CD pretty much follows suit. Trance beats, the exotic didgeridoo as featured intruments, and a feeling that this is the kind of music David Gilmore would be making if he were stuck in the Outback with no guitar and wanted to make people dance. Totally trippy music.

"Thunder," by Andy Graham is another highlight of the CD. This one pushes the didgeridoo to the background and lets the drums take over. I'm sitting at the campfire with the rest of my primal pals for this one...just watching the tribal women dance....

The last song, "Entrance," by Si, was the only song I couldn't handle. And that's not really a knock to the artist or the song. It's well done. But it has this thing going on that sounds like you're being swarmed by a million buzzing insects, and hey, I wasn't even dipping into the medicine cabinet. This one is too intense. I think if I HAD been dipping into something I'd have been running out of the house to get away from the bees chasing me....really weird.

Overall this is an excellent trance cd, if you're willing to venture into the didgie sound, and as listeners of Indie music, most of us sure are. It's available in the US just now, and check out the Music-Mosaic webpage and listen for yourself.


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