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The Evil Couch

(4/20/02 6:15:07 pm)

Didgeridoo Trance Dance

Artist: Various
Album: Didgeridoo Trance Dance
Label: Music Mosaic
Reviewed by: The Evil Couch

If you're not into new sounds, just pass right by this CD. However, if you like new and interesting things; if you like some new deep music with sounds that you'll not likely hear anywhere else, this is the next LP on your shopping list. As the title implies, the common thread with all of these songs is the didgeridoo. While you might not think that the native Australian instrument has much to do with electronic music, the didgeridoo's unique sound and wide array of sounds and pitches allows it to fit right next to synthesized notes.

It begins with a deep Drum and Bass track and then continues to delve deeper into the connections between the didgeridoo and electronic music. The natural echoes of the didge' fit into the songs perfectly. While this album is mostly deep, it still has songs that inspire dance and pulsate with energy. It's definitely something different, and that's quite a good thing. But don't let the name fool you, it's not strictly trance. It encompasses all aspects of Electronic Music. If you're tired of the same sound, this compilation was made for you.

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