Published on Jive Magazine - May 2003

Drumming Planet

Music Mosaic
World Beat
by The Evil Couch

You know, writing reviews for Music Mosaic albums is getting pretty dull. There's only so many ways I can say, "This is absolutely awesome" before I begin to repeat myself. Even with the absence of Karunesh (my personal pick of the artists on the Music Mosaic label) it manages to combine a wide variety of cultures and styles and express their individual qualities, while maintaining a common thread. Though it does manage tying them together well, other Music Mosaic albums have done a better job. The pacing of the track arrangement seem slightly off, especially when the majority of the faster tracks are towards the beginning of the disk.

"The Prodigal Son" by Keiya starts the building of pace and catapults off to a whirlpool of beats. Once the album reaches Baul Bishwa's get out of your seat and dance track "Utsheva" the CD is absolutely sizzling. Segueing into incredible Native Ground's "Sister's Gotta Dance Now", a jazzy didge song, it begins winding down. Unfortunately, Drumming Planet still has another 3 tracks after it's climax, which just doesn't quite sound right.

Still, for only two problems that are really pretty minor, Drumming Planet manages to prove once more than Music Mosaic is your answer to your need for World Beat.

4 out of 5 biscuits.

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