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Published on Jive Magazine June2002
The Evil Couch
(6/15/02 8:21:57 pm)

Tribal Groove

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Tribal Groove
Label: Music Mosaic
Reviewed by: The Evil Couch

Music Mosaic has done it again. With a primal, Tribal and at times Jazzy sound, Tribal Groove ranges from spiced up folk songs to atmospheric head-nodding music to a deep House dance groove. With native sounds from Australia, Native Americans, Africa and the Middle East, the CD presents a side of music not normally heard in the modern world. The earthy sounds of this album make you feel as if you're an honored guest in a friendly village, taking part in a dance ceremony.

The beats and passionate feel of this album glide gently as silk against the ear. With the ability to pull you into a world that's very different and yet, at the same time, ghostly familiar, this CD is a keeper. Tribal Groove can both make you dance and relax you intensely. If you like music that is truly unique and beautiful, pick this up. If you like Enigma, pick this up. Hell, if you're human and have any connection at all to the world around you, pick this up

Rating: 5 out of 5 biscuits, eaten at the bonfire with your tribe


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