Published on Latenite - May 2004

CD REVIEW: Didgeridoo Trance Dance Visual Music DVD
By Melanie - 05/04/04
Score: 5 stars

Nothing less than spectacular can be said for this pumpin visual music DVD from our friends at Music Mosiac. Kaleidoscopic images of the gorgeous Australian landscape and wildlife teamed with trance-E visuals of people at play (dancing, loving and trancing) make this DVD more than just a music video release.

The mesmerizing tunes lend to a very handy music utility not only for dance but focusing disciplines, delta meditation practise and of course recreational social gatherings
As a practising Remote Viewer, I find Didgeridoo Trance Dance a nice preparation tool engaging the theta and delta rhythms and the use of binaural beats to reach the right mind set prior to RV practise.

Didgeridoo Trance Dance brings forth a superb representation of Australian culture and the mysterious powers of our indigenous peoples. Grab this CD ASAP!

Track Listing

1. Gurrupurung by Gondwana Multi-layered didgeridu riffs and traditional aboriginal Arnhem Land voices mixed with dance floor drum'n bass to create an original earth sound.
2. Anyway I Tell Ya by Ganga Giri Indigenous technorganica! Fast 150 beats/minute, a song that rocks clubs and dance parties with bush sounds of Australia.
3. Lost At Last, Holon Records A traditional native American peyote chant arranged in a modern style with didgeridoo, trance drums, synthesizers.
4. Night Owl by the capitalits Fast and joyous 142 BPM trance dance featuring didgeridoo and hooting owl.
5. Blue Labyrinth by Axis With its spirited beat and beseeching didge horns, this song is a playful release of energy. A decisive, purposeful dance, out of the shade towards somewhere bright? the future perhaps!
6. Another Land by Sounds of the Outback Didgeridoo dance-trance about Australia, an ancient land steeped in mythology and home to the world's older culture, it's "Another Land
7. Thunder by Andy Graham High-energy piece featuring the didgeridoo, drumkit and djembe, demonstrating the more masculine side of drumming.
8. Factory Farm by Didjworks Trip-Hop didgeridoo with urban beats, animal sounds, and environmental motives.
9. Kemetic Song by Hayan Traditional African/Caribbean music with percussion, mouthbow and molimo (didgeridoo or ?bamboo?)? Let us travel to Kmt (Ancient Egypt), the magic ground of the Pharaohs.
10. EnTrance by Si A double didgeridoo trance journey - inspiring an infinity of sounds.
11. Didgeridoo Groove by Ariel Kalma Ethno trance percussion and groovy drums, a moving dance with dumbeck, log drums, Balinese hand cymbals, didgeridoo, saxwahphone, keyboards and effects.


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