Reviews by Marius-Christian Burcea
producer/host Journeys to the Infinite Fun Radio Romania


DRUM TRANCE - One of the most interesting aspects of listening to Drum Trance CD is the interaction between ancient instruments and the modern pulse. Each and every track is different with its own sound and rhythm. This drum music speak, delivering tones that are subtle and spiritual or pounding with excitement. - 12/06

DIDGERIDOO TRANCE DANCE 2 - The effervescent  set of DIDGERIDOO TRANCE DANCE 2 makes an immediate impression, with amazing drums driving the rhythm under the catchy melodies. There really isn't a weak track on the whole album, but special favourites are Didge Jam (1k Science remix) by Ariel Kalma, Resonate the Head by Charlie McMahon & Gondwana and Bhakta's The Australian Purple. Highly recommended for those who want to keep up with the new directions in didgeridoo music.

Can't wait to listen more in this Music Mosaic series.

PLANET SAX shows the haunting dimensions of the instrument into a tasteful, energetic mix of spirited dancebeats and aphrodisiac jazzy backgrounds. I am not a sax sound lover but, this album is perfect party fare, a knockout. - 12/04

TRIBAL DREAMING dig into the deepest emotions of our collective subconsciousness.You can listen a completely captivating sound belong to no one culture.This is a soundtrack for dream journeys while you are still up and dancing.The collection is soothing,trance inducing music that has a mesmerizing effect.Pure bliss for sound travellers. - 9/04

GODDESS GROOVE is a shimmering mosaic of spellbinding voices and sultry rhythms reflecting the timeless mystery and beauty of the Feminine Spirit.The music flows fully imbued with a light, spiritual sensibility.Beyond the spectacular artistry found on the album lays a moving call to unconditional Love, to worship the Goddess within. - 6/04


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