Published on Mediasearch - 2004

CD REVIEW: Didgeridoo Groove
By Carmine Pascuzzi- 2004

Drum 'n' bass fans will love the exotica attached with having a didgeridoo blending into such sounds. It's another vibrant compilation from Music Mosaic and the experimental combinations are innovative and attractive.
The wonderful African tribal sounds and trance mix eclectrically. One of the interesting aspects in such a set is the blending of traditional sounds with electronic beats. There is a full range of styles to be absorbed in, with the didgeridoo as the main focus, thereby making the CD very rhythmic.
A good appreciation of electronic music would allow the force of this impact.
The CD comes with attractive artwork and is another worthwhile excursion into new sounds. It's thought provoking and heartfelt at times. Just thinking about the use of this old instrument and what it can do to better modern music is engaging enough.


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