Published on The Muse's Muse - May 2002

CD REVIEW: Return To Serenity
By Ben Ohmart - 05/08/02 - 08:57 AM EST

'A mysterious Gate opens, an endless expanse of desert stretches ahead. you step through, and gliding over a mystical landscape, are immersed in delicious sounds of sitar, guitar, wind instruments, percussion and captivating vocal harmonies. leading you gently through space and time on a flowing journey. back to yourself.'

That's how this new age-y cd is introduced before the track list on the back. 11 tracks totaling 59 minutes. For me, the cd begins at track 2, when 'Cloud Mountain' by Gabrielle Roth & the Mirrors shines its complex but relaxing light on the eastern new age elements and subtly changing rhythms that bite only as hard as rippling water on the ankles.

Then there is Secret Life's 'La Melodie de Son Amour' that tenderly caresses with acoustic guitar, windswept sounds and an ever so slight boogie feeling among the cadence and vague electronic sounds that lead in the vocals from a woman singing - in some language. It's a beauty, and easily one of the very best tracks on a very fine album.

You need to hear this one. It slowly builds a bridge from new age to world beat. But it's a safe, strong overpass sharply constructed with wood, hands, and the sweat of some very fine musicians.


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