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CD REVIEW: Tribal Dreaming
By Steve Allat - 10/31/04

Producer Ariel Kalma has done what few people in his position have managed to do - that is, to assemble songs from a variety of sources that really do blend together and also to produce them in such a way that the sonic tone of the CD is the same from beginning to end, which is really a treat.

Tribal Dreaming brings together sounds and stories from around the world, 'musical journeys echoing an ancient future of timeless rhythms'. There is much chanting and an interesting assortment of sounds and instruments on display.

The songs vary a little more on this collection, although each one does fit within the 'dream-state' of things. It's just a little less flowing than the other collections reviewed.

For such an eclectic mix it is very accessible, once again due to the great overall tone and lush production.


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