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Didgeridoo Trance Dance
Music Mosaic

By: Ben Ohmart (Assistant Editor)

Artist: Various
Title: Didgeridoo Trance Dance
Label: Music Mosaic (http://www.music-mosaic.com/)
Genre: World beat

The title explains itself. This is trance dance music involving the good ol' cultural instrument, the didgeridoo, wielded electronically or against a wealth of percussion, mouthbow, guitars, vocals, Tapan drum or other various worldly sounds you meet along the way.

51 more minutes from Music Mosaic, 'the pulse of global harmony,' via a variety of bands and artists who are put on this cd because of their intensity and seriousness at blasting away preconceived notions that world music is not relevant to the western world. Ganga Giri will tell you with 7 and a half minutes of 'Anyway I Tell Ya' that it's all in the programming, baby. Whether or not the didgeridoo is another sound on the synth or not (if it sounds This credible, who cares if it's not 'real'), it is the one croaking constant within this world of lengthy, space-age tracks.

Powerfully moving stuff (and I mean for the joints, not the heart) here. I don't know if every artist has a full cd out or not, but the stuff here is a grand opening chapter to every book of beat within. Consider:

Gurrupurung by Gondwana
Anyway I Tell Ya by Ganga Giri
Awowedas by Lost At Last
Didge-Na-Gig by Global
Blue Labyrinth by Axis
Thunder by Andy Graham
Factory Farm by Didjworks
Kemetic Song by Hayan
Entrance by Si

And then hunt down the cd. It's the best way of hearing the ancient past through the best of techno technology.

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