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CD Review: Inner Peace
Music Mosaic

By: Ben Ohmart (Assistant Editor)

Artist: Various
Title: Inner Peace
Label: Music Mosaic (http://www.music-mosaic.com/)
Genre: New Age

Inner Peace is achieved by a simple listen to the following:

Dusk Fantasy - Andrew MacGregor
Lumiere L'apres - Alain Baraige
Geeta - Yashu
Bamboo Forest - Shastro & Nadama
Nilapadma - Georgia Kelly
Messenger - Ariel Kalma
Interlude in D - Sid Hille

To call this New Age really isn't descriptive or fair. This is even more gentle than new age. It is relaxing. And I don't mean boring. Alain Baraige's easy solo piano piece 'Lumiere L'apres' is an incredibly receptive healing vehicle that cleanses as it lightly brushes away the cobwebs and stress that all too quickly mounts on the shoulders and the furrow of the brow. Consider it a soft paint brush going over the remnants of a bygone era, as the archeologist removes all the crud to get at the ancient beauty.

The cd of various but simple instrumentation is a sampler of the vast and varied world and new age elements you have to pick from at www.musicalacarte.net, a new online animal that allows you to listen to a moment of the music, then pick it for Your cd. No more hoping for the best. Now you can put together your Own Best Of album whenever you log in. An anti-annoying tool that hopefully all labels will come to use in time.

Personally, I could listen to spiritualism like this all day, all days (if I didn't have so much alt-rock to wade through) because Peace is a captivating feeling. When you are at Inner Peace, there is a Force (and I do mean Star Wars) that surrounds and binds you to the rest of the Real world. Nature through music through nature. The cycle is endless, so why shouldn't we let go, trust in the sounds that find us, and latch onto them? With this cd, and others I've heard from this new label, the answer is obvious.

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