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CD Review: Lotus Groove
Music Mosaic

By: Ben Ohmart (Assistant Editor)

Artist: Various
Title: Lotus Groove
Label: Music Mosaic (http://www.music-mosaic.com/)
Genre: World Beat

Another pulsating world music beat cd from the very hip and positive spirit of Music Mosaic, whose label philosophy 'encourages all cultures and nations to live together respectfully on our planet Earth.' That, it does.

And while your mind is bending to meet chi, why not have a groove on the club floor, in mid-Eastern twirl and jazz-synth style? You'll have everything you need for your journey, from tablas to dumbeck to gaida, with a side of vocal sprinkles that give this classic and classy instrumental cd its varied anomaly.

New age dance or world electronica, whatever you need to call it, Lotus Groove,s circus of stars stir up an emotional 54 minutes, encouraging you, loving you, and treating life as the gift it is.

Sufi Groove - Lost At Last
Tablananda - Yantra de Vilder
Jaipur - Limborg/Barki/Vigh
Gap in Marrakesh - Yashu
Eden - Mystic Rhythms Band
Pongi Thongi - Linsey Pollak
Phoenix - Ravi
Minoa,s Dance - Ariel Kalma
Elusinian Blue - Gabrielle Roth & the Mirrors
Jasmine Night - Anando Bharti

There are no stand outs in my mind in these 10 tracks. They glow with exotic exuberance until bombs, wars and pollutant cars are nothing but a footnote in your Natural History text. It,s not the first time I,ve been privy to the wonder that is a Music Mosaic compilation album, and I hope it,s not the last.

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