Published on Napra ReView - May/June 2002 issue

LOTUS GROOVE by various artists. Music Mosaic, dist. by New Leaf and white Swan, manager@music-mosaic.com.

This exciting new multicultural label based in Australia produces compilations sound journeys of world, electronic, ambient, and New Age music.
Following in the transglobal style of Buddha Bar and Trance Planet, these theme CDs work for either passive or active listening (from meditation to workouts and party settings).
Lotus Groove
's pulsing dance music is alight with world instrumentation: tablas, koras, Middle Eastern drums, exotic vocals, and more. Producer Ariel Kalma gathers renowned and emerging artists such as Lost At Last, Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors, the Mystic Rhythms Band, Linsey Pollack, and others into a compelling collection of trance dance mystique. Ten tracks travel across continents, moving between energized and deeply evocative moods, while communicating the essential rhythm of global dance.

Didgeridoo Trance Dance, another of Music Mosaic's first releases, features unique and exciting didgeridoo titles, also spanning the globe and a variety of styles. - MTB

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