Reviews in Australian magazines

  • Nexus - Reviewer: Richard Giles - April - May 2003 - Vol 10, No 3

    This is another in the excellent Music Mosaic collection. The title, Spice Groove, gives a clue to the music mix. It has selection from albums of dreamy and spicy world music with sitar and sarod backed up by vocals, keyboards, guitars, synthesiser, bass and percussion. This is a danceable, rhythmic collection that moves at a slower pace than usual so as to allow full connection to the undulating trance sounds of today's world music. A fine assembly of quieter, groove fusion tracks.

  • Nexus - Reviewer: Richard Giles - October 2002 - Vol 9, No 6

    Music Mosaic brings together sounds from around the world into theme compilations on one disc. Return to Serenity features 11 tracks from various international artists including Australia's Tarshito, America's Gabrielle Roth, shakuhachi player Kamal and keyboards/programmer Ross Griggs. Sounds of the Australian outback, flute, nature and environment come together in a special mix. This is not your run-of-the mill ambient CD, but an entrancing compilation of serene sounds for quieter moments.

  • Tsunami Music Magazine - Reviewer: Veronica Lake - September 2002 - Issue 33

    Groove Temple is one of nine recently released albums from global music label, Music Mosaic. The compilation features a complex profusion of artists and styles ranging from tribal groove, world voice and beat, to folk, electro and international feature instruments.
    The majority of tracks make use of some kind of synthesised, eighties electronica, forming a common sonic bond within the cross section.
    The positive idealism of the label itself is apparent on Groove Temple, and with so many varied sounds, the entire collection will sit well with any music buff.

  • WellBeing (Australia) - Reviewer: Donna Welsh - September 2002 - Issue 89

    Return to Serenity - compiled by Music Mosaic
    "This exceptional compilation brings together various multicultural musical expressions from diverse countries to create an incredible listening experience. The aim of the album is to take you on a journey through mystical landscapes, achieved through captivating vocal harmonies and a range of delicious sounds. Return to Serenity may be the journey you need if you are feeling stuck or lack energy."

  • Conscious Living (Australia) Reviewer: Tania DeFreitas - Summer 2002

    "Music Mosaic, a new production house on the block has put together a tight little CD in the name of Lotus Groove. The album mixes together traditional beats in a contemporary groove. It's worth a listen. Music Mosaic focuses on featuring music from many diverse countries, flowing together under the theme of global harmony."

  • WellBeing (Australia) - Reviewer: Donna Welsh - February 2002

    "Healing Sounds will touch your soul with the soothing notes of flute, clarinet, harp, piano and guitar, allowing you relax into a gentle place of flowing harmony where healing can occur. Beautiful reflective music for massage, reiki, energy work, balancing and meditation."

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