by Ariel Kalma and Friends

March 2008

This is the latest offering from Music Mosaic, one of the leading labels specializing in the Ambient/World/Chillout music scene. Ariel Kalma is the prominent musician holding all of this together and is ably supported by some of his friends, including Bhakta, Stefen Be and Efen Jaenudin, however the one that really stands out is Siddhant Bhatia. His singing is so hypnotic and  reminds me of the great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. 

This record is of a very high standard on so many levels.Ariel’s woodwind and production skills are of a musician who KNOWS his art and loves it!! The overall production is beautifully crafted, the grooves are very good without repetition rearing it’s ugly head and the finished product, helped by mastering maestro Kamal M. Engels is right on the mark!   

All the tracks are good – no weak links on this chain!!

My favorites are “Deva Dancing”, “Chillout India” and the beautiful “Hardi Ari”. I cannot get sick of this track!!

Like all music of substance one has to listen a number of times before you “get it”. “Chillout India” fits this attention level…. and then some!

I have no problems in recommending this record to anyone even remotely interested in this beautiful genre.

Paul Headon
Emanations/ Sirius FM Music