Published on Phase9 Entertainment June 2002

Album Review by EDF


Another release from those good people at the Music Mosaic label and what we are treated to this time round is an all out dance album with a twist. Their aim, for those who are unfamiliar with the Music Mosaic label, is to compile tracks that fuse elements of World Music to a rhythmic dance beat.

First up is EARTH DANCE DREAMTIME by Mystic Rhythms, which mixes various rhythmic sounds with a Miles Davis style trumpet hook line. THE PLEASURE ZONE by Urban Harmonix is one of those uplifting disco house tunes with a soaring vocal by Racheal Brown that would quite suit the club scene. WATSI WATSI by Don Peyote, which starts off with an African Voodoo chant, descends into what sounds like a sacrificial ritual accompanied by a dark bass line. Try and stop yourself dancing to that one in your garden after midnight. TIMBASA by Sin Palabras is based on various popular Cuban rhythms. The music is apparently played at weddings, birthdays and dance parties and it's not hard to hear why. With an up tempo salsa style piano hook, I dare you not to tap your foot or do more when this track plays.

SHAKUHAJI TALES (Dance Mix) by Kamal mixes late 80's / early 90's trance hook with a melody sound that reminds the listener of Enigma's SADNESS. With a relentless dance beat, this one could have people out on the dance floor. Karunesh slows it down a little with his NATIVE RITUALS, a track that sounds familiar but with its clever mixture of vocals, manages to make this sound unique itself. LUNA PIENA by Gypsy Moon is a smooth rhythmic flamenco style celebration of the full moon. MIRROR (Byron Bay Club Mix) by Chillum is the most 'full-on' dance track on this compilation. Remixed by Orlando Allen, the sole aim of this track is to keep any tiring clubbers on the dance floor. The final track is PHRYGIAN by Yantra de Vilder, another fast dance track but none the less very atmospheric.

As dance compilations go, if you are after something that is different from the usual sort of dance music related product, then try this compilation with its varied style and imaginative samples. Whether you're a fan of dance music or not, you will enjoy more than half of this compilation.


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