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Tribal Groove delivers an entrancing mindscape with an amazing blend of pumping grooves, ancient instruments, tribal chorus and futuristic concepts. A breathtaking experience. May 2002

Return to Serenity brings a melodic sensibility together wih a kaleidoscope of world influences. These delicate and enchanting melodies dance into the heart from the very first note. Immense tranquility and romance surround us as each song unfolds. May 2002

The new compilation Dance Planet has great sound and real gems by Karunesh, Kamal and other adventurous artists. Joyful and spontaneous, this audio alchemy for body, mind and spirit invites us to get up, dance and go deep within. High marks for originality and total funky appeal. March 2001

Didgeridoo Trance Dance contains some of the finest didgeridoo music available today. Rhythms of an infectious, hypnotic and tribal quality provide the framework for a flawless mix-album. This compilation leaves the soul of didgeridoo in a truly modern setting.
The releases of the last months already proves Music Mosaic label to be on its exciting and uncompromising way through various styles of World fusion music. Be it Trance, New Age, Worldbeat or Meditaion, Music Mosaic presents it as a positive colourful source of energy.
March 2002

Lotus Groove presents a richly atmospheric music of hypnotic sensuality that opens a world of exotic and entrancing beauty enthusing the listener with majestic inspiration.Truly global sounds for the 3rd Millennium! - December 2001

Healing Sounds is an outstandig collection of calm and enthralling music to beckon a mood of tranquillity and reflective contemplation.A mix of dreamy orchestrated melodies that celebrates our potential for the feelings of joy and serenity. December 2001

Inner Peace is an outstanding collection empowering the listener with a sense of contentment and a deep, spiritual energy. Melodious and uplifting compositions for inner attunement. December 2001

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