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In sparkles of nocturnal lights
A coming day stalks like a cat

There, to that place where spires of night bonfires pierce a deep blackness of the night, where dancing bodies are splashing out flows of energy, the music of the "Dance Planet" album calls on, the album which took in splendid patterns of trance-ethnic music.

An immediate flounce involves you irrepressibly in a maelstrom of passion by pulsating and buzzing sounds of "The Earth Dance Dreamtime" composition of the Mystic Rhythms project. It is time to shake off a somnolence and get free, to sense your own body totally and let it move in the way it likes.

The pulsating rhythms of "The Earth Dance Dreamtime" are took up with a little bit aggressive, erotically seducing melody of "The Pleasure Zone" performed by Urban Harmonix. These are undisguised dances of night discotheques where slender, full-legged mulatto girls, swaying their hips, touch close their partners heated with the dances.

The rhythm increases and by now a tribal trance dance begins somewhere at a clearing in the deep of African jungles. This is Don Peyote's "Watsi Watsi" composition. Movements become free more and more, dancers strip themselves almost naked... Body turns into a maelstrom of energy.

And suddenly we find ourselves at a party on Cuban coast. The ocean splashes not far from us. The coast is lit with a great many of varicolored lights. We are partakers of a grandiose carnival. Sin Palabras's "Timbasa" composition gives a sensation of an ardent festival where you may forget everything and dance among light-hearted and enjoying people till the morning comes.

The dance becomes quite cosmopolitan, cultural and style peculiarities become obliterated and squeaky sounds of shakuhaji fill you up with an emotional experience of something incredibly ancient and splendid. This is Kamal's "Shakuhaji Tales" composition.

But here Karunesh's "Native Rituals" enter and we flash back again into the heart of enigmatic Africa. Now vast savannas and nigrescent stones of low mountain ledges are stretched before us. The dance is being filled up with a sensation of endless expanse and freedom.

We leave hospitable Africa and rush to Spain. Here a flamenco sparkling with elation, a "Luna Piena" composition of a Gypsy Moon project, is heard and we find ourselves in the thick of festivities at the squire of a township. Narrow streets squeezed with conglomerations of houses throng down to this squire. Stones heated with the sun, masterly passages of a guitar, an accompaniment of drums and a clicking of heels.

Over again the night falls, we are in a night club of a urban megapolis. Where is it : in Europe, America or Australia? It is difficult to define and it is impossible to resist dancing. Fatigue goes away together with flashes of artificial lights and beating of synthetic rhythms - the "Mirror" composition performed by Chillum.

Now we are facing the last trial. The hypnotic "Phrygian" created by Yantra de Vilder and Zia Moreau completes this fascinating dance voyage. A dance becomes a separate entity, it overrides the body and the body becomes a dance itself, the pulsations run through it, everything around pulsates together with you...

The "Dance Planet" is a selection of a top-quality dance music recorded by a new Australian audio studio Music Mosaic. The founders of the company Ama and Ariel Kalma determined to produce albums, each of them is joined by some definite theme. The "Dance Planet" differs by its completeness in everything: from a choice and straightening of a composition to a stylish album design. It is worth saying that this album was worked about by Zen Player who at the eighties became famous for his designing of a "Deep Breakfast" album of Ray Lynch, a performer known to nobody at that time. The above album was generally recognized and became platinum, the name of Ray Lynch was included in the number of the most authoritative names in the new age.

The sound design of the "Dance Planet" is on a high level too, and it is not by chance as far as the album was re-mastered by Kamal, a well-known musician and a sound producer residing in Australia.

What else should I say? The "Dance Planet" is a multicultural project of the new age. Uniting different styles and traditions, joining authentic melodies and state-of-the-art computer technologies, it invites listeners to dance to the music of a new world full of joy and freedom, creation and acceptance, such simple and understandable, but the way to it is very long and complicated for these distracted creatures who call themselves people.

Serge Kozlovsky
email: s.kozlovsky@gtp.by
web site: http://mkmk.com/kozlovsky

P.S. Translated by Tatyana L.Permyakova

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