Published on Sound Design - March 2002 - Reviewer Bradford Warner

New reviews include: Didgeridoo Trance Dance

Various Artists  Didgeridoo Trance Dance (Music Mosaic) The slightly odd wind sound of the Australian didgeridoo has to be one of the most unique voices in world music, but can you use it as the basis for a concept album?  In a word: yes.  By taking the upbeat nature of contemporary trance music and infusing it with a mix of didgeridoo, human voices and  electronics, several artists hit the sweet spot groups such have Deep Forest and have helped map out.   Gondwana's drum and bass flavored lead track "Gurrupurung," the Axis track "Blue Labyrinth" and Lost at Last's track "Awowedas" stand as perfect examples of this.  Overall, the album presents a nice variety of contemporary tones even stretching into the ambient groove feel being made famous by Thievery Corporation evidenced in Didjworks "Factory Farm."

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