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Didgeridoo Groove

Music Mosaic

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michelle pirovich


Better production through circuitry. maybe, but when the organic is combined with the inorganic the result is always far more satisfying.

'Didgeridoo Groove' is the latest album to be released by world music label 'Music Mosaic' and with the emphasis this time on our national instrument - the didgeridoo, this album will make you sit up and take notice.

Having put together a collection of rhythmic workouts, Didgeridoo players Ariel Kalma, Ed Dury, Gary Cannell, Charlie McMahon, Steven Cragg, Adam Henwood, Jimmy, Alastair Black, Simon 7 and Kailash are joined by tribal drummers, percussionists, keyboardists and captivating vocalists to celebrate tradition, the modern day and mother nature.

With a booming bass here and an acidic tweak there, each track on this album grows to reveal more of the diversity and the mystery that surrounds the didgeridoo. As eye opening as it is hugely inspiring, 'Didgeridoo Groove' will engage all of your senses from beginning to end and as difficult as it may be to choose a stand out track 'Intuvalation' by Didjworks found me experiencing electronica in a whole new light.

Ironically, as artists today struggle to discover new sounds and re-captivate a disgruntled audience, Music Mosaic has done so with the oldest instrument in the world, and they have never sounded better.


Track Listing

1. Didgeridoo Groove By Ariel Kalma
2. Universal Dance By Ed Drury
3. Red Center Awakens By Sounds Of The Outback
4. Shade By Gondwana
5. Little People By Steven Cragg
6. Crooked By Orocol
7. Taralinga Lila By Tarshito / Sangeet
8. Balanda Dancing By Stephan Richter
9. Intuvalation By Didjworks
10. Chamber 11 By Soulfood
11. Kokopelli Dreaming By Kailash

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