Music Mosaic - The Pulse of Global Harmony by missmlp @ TranZfusion.com - March 1, 2002

Continuing on their quest for global harmony. Music Mosaic present the next in their series of wild world rhythms 'Dance Planet.' Proving once again the incredible talent spanning our globe.

This cd is stunning. The opening sounds of pulsating percussion, tribal voices and sexy brass harmonies immediately awaken all your senses. You then venture off into the free spirited and somewhat delightfully nineties sounding 'The Pleasure Zone.' The nineties theme is carried on in 'Watsi Watsi' but the sound is more that of acid house which has been brilliantly incorporated with an African Voodoo chant.

We then go into weddings parties anything mode with loads of hip shaking Cuban percussion. Beats continue to pound in 'Shakuhaji Tales' but the melody is a more hypnotic and eerie one, the wind instruments taking your mind aimlessly away. 'Native Rituals' continues to uplift you, accompanied this time by synths and beautiful male and female vocals.

The flamenco flavour of 'Luna Piena' makes for a sexy little groove that traditionally celebrates the coming of the full moon. Whether it be a full moon or just time to let it all go 'Mirror' the Byron Bay Club Mix, is a great ass grinding, arms above your head club track, but the build up d'sn't stop there. The final track 'Phrygian' has that spine tingling anthemic edge to it that leaves you wanting more.

That's exactly what you will be wanting after you have finished listening to 'Dance Planet' for the first time. But never fear, there are more exotic and diversely flavoured sounds coming our way soon from Music Mosaic. Until then take you and your friends on a trip to 'Dance Planet' and enjoy what the world has to offer.


1. Earth Dance Dreamtime - Mystic Rhythms
2. The Pleasure Zone - Urban Harmonix
3. Watsi Watsi - Don Peyote
4. Timbasa - Sin Palabras,
5. Shakuhaji Tales (Dance Mix) - Kamal
6. Native Rituals - Karunesh
7. Luna Piena - Gypsy Moon
8. Mirror (Byron Bay Club Mix) - Chillum
Phrygian - Yantra De Vilder, Zia Moreau

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