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Didgeridoo Trance Dance
Michelle Pirovich
Date Added: 14.12.2003

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Didgeridoo Trance Dance
Music a la Carte
Music a la Carte

From one of Music Mosaic's most acclaimed albums 'Didgeridoo Trance Dance' comes the visual accompaniment in DVD form.

Like the perfect weekend at your favourite bush doof, 'Didgeridoo Trance Dance' moves from rhythmic psy trance, minimal techno, deep percussive breaks to chilled out house and back again. Complete with Arnhem Land voices and tribal percussion, the all-embracing use of the didgeridoo throughout this soundtrack makes for a journey full of inspiration, mystery and spirited pleasure.

The artists' music (Gondwana, Ganga Giri, Lost at last, Global, Axis, Andy Graham, Didjworks, Hayan and Si) is complimented by a visual feast.

Mixing images untouched with eye catching special effects, cityscapes with deserted outback highways and mother nature's greatest accomplishments, this DVD will have you fixed to the screen from beginning to end.

Visually captivating and aurally hypnotic, 'Didgeridoo Trance Dance' has captured music, art and life as it should be enjoyed.

Gurrupurung by GondwanaAnyway
I Tell Ya by Ganga GiriAwowedas by Lost At Last
Night Owl by the capitali$ts
Blue Labyrinth by Axis
Another Land by Sounds of the Outback
Thunder by Andy Graham
Factory Farm by Didjworks
Kemetic Song by Hayan
EnTrance by Si

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