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Drumming Planet


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michelle pirovich


Since time began we have been driven by the beat of the drum. Empowered by its rhythm, we feel incomplete and lost without it, but before the modern day drum kit came to be, the world was exploring percussion through an array of amazing instruments.

'Drumming Planet' is an album that has captured the tradition, the history and the natural obsession we possess for the drum.

Tablas, log, dhol, dumbeck, pony, derbuka, bhodran, frame, jun-jun and the keyboard are just a few of the instruments used to create this stirring album. Opening with fiery beats and a deeply hypnotic rhythm, you are immediately taken in by the sounds around you, and as the album progresses the beats definitely take hold.

Shuffling, gyrating, seductive and at times menacing 'Drumming Planet' moves dramatically from style to style, brilliantly capturing the beauty and wonderment of each.

Turn this one up loud and give yourself a lot of space, for on Drumming Planet motion becomes a state of mind.

Track Listing

1. Drumming Circle By Professor Trance
2. Invocation By Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors
3. Keonukpo By Adesa
4. The Prodigal Son By Keiya
5. The Shisha Room By Solace
6. Utsheva By Baul Bishwa
7. Sister's Gonna Dance Now By Native Ground
8. The Owl Dance By Gomer Edwin Evans
9. Talking Drums By Ariel Kalma
10. Samhain By Phil Thornton

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