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Groove Temple

Music Mosaic (Various)

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michelle pirovich

Having reviewed everything from pounding techno, old skool breaks and highly emotive electro in one sitting, Music Mosaics 'Groove Temple' came as a refreshing and welcoming change. This time focussing on the more gentle side of worldbeat, 'Groove Temple' is a hypnotically beautiful album.

By combining instruments such as the didgeridoo, cello, and tabla with african and indian chants with keyboards and synthesisers, 'Groove Temple' successfully brings the past into the future. With the harmony having a stronger emphasis over the melody the emotive power contained here is quite breathtaking. Its the sort of album that when lights are out and headphones on, you will get seriously lost in.

I have been enjoying the work from Music Mosaic for quite sometime now, their ability to showcase such a vast array of talent from around the globe so consistently is an accomplishment very few have managed to equal, and with an american distribution company recently choosing to spread the pulse of global harmony a little further, things are definitely going the right way for this wonderful label.

Track Listing

1. Terra Australis By Yantra De Vilder
2. Kikuyu By Nathalie Manser
3. Radhe By Lost At Last
4. Bhaarat By Solace
5. March Across The Endless Plain (Gandalf) By Cecil Harding Oreade
6. Inner Horizon By Professor Trance
7. Rhythm And Soul By Ariel Kalma
8. Punjab By Karunesh
9. reves Indiens By Loy Ehrlich

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