Music Mosaic - The Pulse of Global Harmony by missmlp @ TranZfusion.com - February 7, 2002

Madonna summed it up beautifully with her catchy chorus "Music makes the people come together." Since the beginning of time music has been the one element of our existence that knows no barriers. If you can"t understand the words it d"sn't matter, its how the music makes you feel that's important.

Located in the tranquil surrounds of Mullumbimby, NSW are Ama and Ariel Kalma, the founders and creators of "Music Mosaic." "Mosaic Music" is a recently formed Australian based music label that focuses on bringing the unique and exotic sounds of the world together to inspire global unity and collective harmony.

The idea was formed when Ama, an executive for Germany"s largest publishing and music distributor and Ariel, a seasoned composer, producer and musician started a unique style of website "music a la carte." The site allowed listeners one minute samples from a vast array of music genres. They then were able to select their favourite tracks and have it compiled onto a cd which was delivered within days. It is not difficult to see why this site was so positively received. Not only from customers but also from talented musicians, who were eager to share their music with the world. From the overwhelming volume of innovative multicultural music Ariel had before him. The idea came to mix together a series of theme cds. They were then marketed expertly by Ama and "Music Mosaic" was born.

There are four cds in the series "Didgeridoo Trance Dance" "Lotus Groove" "Healing Sounds" and "Inner Peace." Each cd, although differing in genres are all wonderfully inspiring. The amazing array of new sounds seem somewhat familiar, making the world feel a smaller place.

"Didgeridoo Trance Dance" was a real favourite for me. The use of didgeridoos, drums, and traditional chants encompass both a respect for tribal values and tradition in a sound of now style. The artists Gondwana, Ganga Girl, Lost at last, Global, Axis, Andy Graham, Didjworks, Hayan and Si could so easily and should be being picked up by our local djs. Fast minimal techno, bold percussive beats, chilled out house, and trancey vocals are all expertly created from native Australian sounds, Arnhem land voices and tribal percussion instruments such as the djembe, mouthbow and tapan drum. This is a fantastic collection of music that would benefit greatly from being heard by a wider audience.

"Lotus Groove" is a more delicate and sensual cd. Flutes, pipes, tablas and keyboards have been used to create an exotic eastern flavour. The songs tell tales of journeys, love and time standing still. There is a real spiritual side to this group of tracks form Lost at last, Yantra de Vilder, Limborg/Barki/Vigh, Yashu/Harida, Mystic Rhythms Band, Linsey Pollak, Ravi, Ariel Kalma, Gabrielle Roth and the mirrors and Anando Bharti. The music projects a sweet taste of mystery and beauty. Making it easy to see why the music from asian and indian regions are currently receiving world wide acclaim from listeners and producers alike.

The final two cds "Healing Sounds" and "Inner Peace" do as the names suggest. Tranquil calming sounds from forests and water flowing and falling take you completely away from the madness of our everyday world. Put it on and surrender to it.

"Music Mosaic," like the style of "Buddha Bar" and "Trance Planet" aim to expand our music minds by bringing us closer to the music of people from differing cultures and colours. Have a listen and feel the pulse of global harmony.

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