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Tribal Groove

Music Mosaic (Various)

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michelle pirovich

If you haven't heard previous albums from the global movers and shakers 'Music Mosaic' then its time you get up to speed. If you have already experienced and loved the international and local treasures that have emerged from 'Didgeridoo Trance Dance', 'Lotus Groove' and 'Dance Planet' then you will want 'Tribal Groove' as well.

The term tribal is one we can all relate to, no matter what your tribal preference, people come together to celebrate their passions, where unwritten rules prevail ensuring a respect and loyalty amongst the group, this is the theme to which Music Mosaic have created their latest album.

Like its predecessors, 'Tribal Grooves' takes music from its roots and brings it into today, without giving its origins the heave-ho. Artists have come from the world over, Northern Africa, Mongolia, Australia, Native America, Middle East and Tibet to bring their music together and hopefully to break down some boundaries.

Percussion plays a heavy part here, its slow and rhythmic one minute then fast and furious the next and its impossible not to get caught up in the extreme heat and emotion it evokes. Female vocals will haunt and uplift and male vocals will explore your primitive side.

The modernisation of this music will effortlessly captivate today's audience. The pounding basslines, fast and choppy breaks and even guitar riffs converge to create unpretentious tracks that are full of vibrancy and fun, reminding you that this is what life should be all about. I have said it before and will say it again, this music is deserving of such greater recognition and not wanting to leave any of the artists out from this talented group,

I have to praise the works of Australia's 'Ganga Giri.' There is not a club or large scale event that 'Ganga Giri' would not lift the roof from, this is music at it rawest and its best. A brilliant piece of work yet again from one of the worlds finest labels.

Track Listing
1. Call Of The Tribes (Remix) By Karunesh
2. Arunda By Keiya
3. Witches Dance By Hamsafar
4. Mongolia By Limborg / Barki
5. Spice Souk By James Asher
6. Didji Dance By Ganga Giri
7. Khatar By Solace
8. Truth's Vibration By Professor Trance
9. Jibal Al Nuba By Mahmood Fadl
10. En Afrique By The Capitali$ts
11. Inner Man By Michael Reimann
12. Crazy Horse Remembers By Ariel Kalma
13. Sunbear/ohm Mani By Tribe

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