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Lotus Groove &
Didgeridoo Trance Dance

Various Artists

Music Mosaic, 2001

Lotus Groove

This compilation of pulsing, groove-oriented world beat dance music has a decidedly Eastern bent. Traditional instruments like dumbeck, tablas, and gaida are blended with digital synth textures to create a solid sampler of energetic ambience. What the collection lacks in heft and edge, it makes up for it in droning, regenerative power. It's the kind of music you can listen to at home and re-energize to. Highlights include Sufi Groove by Lost at Last and Jaipur by Llimborg, Barki, Vigh.

Didgeridoo Trance Dance

A frenetic compilation of diverse world beats and techno pulsations, Didgeridoo Trance Dance is fueled by relentless Euro-rave speed percussion and danceable hooks. Trance-inducing beats predominate. Although ancient and exotic instruments like the didgeridoo are lurking throughout the mix (as heard on Gondwana's Gurrupurung, for instance), a European rave flavor decidedly takes center stage and never leaves off for a second.

Reviewed by Jim Esch

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