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On Music Mosaic latest releases, they feature a few well known artists, (James Asher, Hamsafar, Karunesh, Professor Trance) and many lesser known (Keiya, Ganga Giri , Solace, Limborg/Barki, Mahmood Fadl, the Capitali$ts, Michael Reimann, Ariel Kalma) artists, thus serving the purpose that samplers are best suited for, introducing listeners to new material. The world music groove is powerful and the prevalent use of vocals on this CD really hikes up the intensity level. Once the music starts moving, the songs and chants in the aboriginal languages of Australia, North America, African, Mongolia, Tibet and the Middle East ring out with the pure emotional resonance of people who are using their voices to call to their fellow villagers and celebrate in the common spirit of a group ritual, rather than performers trying to create pop hits. Since no specific information is provided in the liner notes, these voices may be samples or studio musicians imitating ethnic sounds. Whatever the exact origin of the voices, the effect is still powerful. Many listeners no doubt identify with the sheer authenticity of these sounds, which is why they take pleasure in listening to these languages they do not speak. This however, is not an anthropological field recording. It is a highly polished set of highly danceable grooves, set in motion by a combination of ethnic instruments, keyboards, synthesizers and contemporary instrumentation. Tribal Groove rocks from start to finish and will appeal to anyone looking for a set of dance beats with a primal punch. - DL
Instrumentation: varies on every track

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