Quote by Jean Houston

Next is now, world music as the single most potent force in the culture of fusion ... World music-makers are like shamans, carrying us on magic carpets of riffs and melodies through states of consciousness that spin us out of time to lands not yet invented but glimpsed on the aural horizon ... And so we see that music brings us, in the jumping of our cells, from what is past to what is trying to become the future. lt expresses and fulfills our need to hear the spirit in the dark.
(Jean Houston in Jump Time, Sentient Publ. 2004)

Music Articles


Workout Music - It's More Than Just A Good Beat To Dance To

It's been one of those days-you know, the crazy long kind. You just make it to your door, turn the key in the lock, kick the door open, dump your bag on the ground, slam the door shut, and allow a sigh of relief. Congratulations, you've just survived yet another 24 hours in the jungle!... more

Drumming Circles - Beat Your Way to Energy and Inspiration

First your foot starts to tap, then your hands beat a staccato rhythm on your lap and, before you know it, you’re bopping along to the beat. We’ve all experienced the energy in a night club and felt our pulses quicken to the ‘doof doof doof’ of a bass drum. It’s undeniable: drumming and dancing is energising and exhilarating. ... more

How to Play Didgeridoo

Terra Incognita: golden sands, blue skies, rugged red deserts with the heat haze rising over the hard-packed earth, vast, beautiful, but unforgiving – Australia, the sunburnt country, ancestral home of the Australian Aborigines for over 50,000 years, and birthplace of the didgeridoo. ... more

Sufi Music: Dancing To The Melodies of Divine Oneness

As the name suggests, Sufi music takes its inspiration from Sufism and in particular from Sufi poets such as Rumi and Faiz. Sufism has been described as the distillation of the core teachings of many Eastern religions into a way of living in harmony with the universe and the Divine. ... more

Tribal Music Rocks the Millennium

It seems that, over the past 20 or 30 years, we've progressed from a single music style dominating each new decade - the 60's and 70's was rock, 80's pop - to gradually seeing (or hearing, as the case may be) much more diversity in popular music. ... more

African Drum Music - so much more than just entertainment

African drum music would have to be one of the most vital, alive and emotional forms of music and percussion even in the 21st century. We can see its influence not just in alternative and world music but also in more ‘modern’ mainstream music genres like hip hop and dance.... more

Groove Music - A Healthy Beat!

As a music genre, groove music in its many and varied forms has been a popular genre for a long time. Its mellow beats and smooth, flowing harmonics make it easy to listen to whilst relaxing, or as background music to take the edge off after a long, hard day.