Quote by Jean Houston

Next is now, world music as the single most potent force in the culture of fusion ... World music-makers are like shamans, carrying us on magic carpets of riffs and melodies through states of consciousness that spin us out of time to lands not yet invented but glimpsed on the aural horizon ... And so we see that music brings us, in the jumping of our cells, from what is past to what is trying to become the future. lt expresses and fulfills our need to hear the spirit in the dark.
(Jean Houston in Jump Time, Sentient Publ. 2004)

Feedback from Radio DJs

"Rockin' the dancefloor this weekend With 'Didgeridoo Drum Dance"!!" - Comment from DJ Alain E., Netherlands

Take some jazz, add some funk, blend well with some didgeridoo. Rest a while; take a sip followed by blending, very carefully, some transient sounds, chill and electronica. Let it stand. Turn up the volume, take in the percussion, taste the tropical north and fuse with some dreamtime. Don't overdo the trippin' but enjoy the sheer energy. Result? 'Didgeridoo Trance Dance 2' perfectly crafted just for you.
Tony Bates Station Librarian 100.7 Highlands FM

Just a note to say Tribal Trance Dance exceeds the usual fantastic from Music Mosaic. I've finally had time to review it carefully (headphones, pitch dark room); what a wonderful platter -- tracks 5 and 10 are utterly electrifying . . . I'm putting the word out to our "world" DJs here, so as always -- even more so than always - the disc will get more airplay than my playlists attest.
Kirk Nesset, WARC FM- Allegheny College, PA, USA

Words just fall far too short describing the pleasure that I am having programming the new MOSAIC releases. Something for all. Addictive! The way good music is meant to be. Many of these artists are in my regular rotation, many are not, but most of the remixes and selections are not found in my music library and you have given me a whole new chapter of wonderful music for my programming. Top picks from a top label. Thanks gang,
flyingman (Mark Caldwell), WAWL - Chattanooga State College, USA

The music you sent me is FANTASTIC! I am putting it into rotation on all my mix (3) and new age/world shows. You guys mix amazing...I am always excited when I hear great tune mixing as that is what led me to do this community radio thing in the first place. It's nice to hear so many "old music friends" among such wonderful new sounds! Thanks!
MIitchell Mendys, WKNH - Keene State College, NH, USA

PLANET SAX, GODDESS GROOVE and TRIBAL DREAMING are in my playlists on "Journeys to the Infinite".This music is so well-grooved, I like the brand of Music-Mosaic. In these days when a lot of people broadcast only soft music, anticipating the magic of Christmas, this injection of global rhythms and primordial vibes is more then welcome in my program.
Marius-Christian Burcea, producer/host Journeys to the Infinite, Fun Radio Romania

weeeeeeelllllllll your wonderful package arrived yesterday wooooooow....... annie, the d.j. of "earth beat!" on kfcf 88.1 fm, was really impressed by those c.d.'s this is EXACTLY the kind of world music her program is attempting to cover....the work that goes out of its way to combine music and musical ideas from all over the world....especially places where rhythm is the heart of the music....i can not thank you enough for the series and the station is forever grateful for being on the receiving end of your great work....
Jim and Annie Compton-Schmidt, KFCF88.1 Fm, Fresno, CA, USA

Thank you so very much for your latest CD "Dreaming Didgeridoo". Fantastic CD!! I have most of the songs on my broadcasts and am hoping and anticipating some very positive results.
Dennis Vigil President, D.V.D. Productions & ARIES' ERA

Radio Stations that play Music Mosaic CDs

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Highly recommendable, the Internet radio in English and German.


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