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Next is now, world music as the single most potent force in the culture of fusion ... World music-makers are like shamans, carrying us on magic carpets of riffs and melodies through states of consciousness that spin us out of time to lands not yet invented but glimpsed on the aural horizon ... And so we see that music brings us, in the jumping of our cells, from what is past to what is trying to become the future. lt expresses and fulfills our need to hear the spirit in the dark.
(Jean Houston in Jump Time, Sentient Publ. 2004)

Didgeridoo Fantasy CD - Chillout, World-Beat, Tribal Fusion, Ambient Groove

Various Artists

Take a trippy voyage through world-beat ancestral tones, where dreamtime and modern spirit meet in didgeridoo music with velvet grooves, tribal voices, ambient trance and timeless harmonies. Where music of far away continents mix in a melting pot of rhythms, flutes, guitars, violins, keyboards, percussion, sound effects and nature's own sounds in addictive excellence.

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Ash Dargan - Didgeridoo Fantasy  
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Track Musicians and Instruments
1. Kakadu by Didjworks, 5:14 Richard Bennett: keyboards - Paula Potocki: percussion
2. Edge of Three by Stephen Kent, 2:44 Stephen Kent: didgeridoo - Steev Kindwald: Rajasthani double flute - John Loose: fram drum
3. Blanc by Djemdi, 6:21 Arash Sharkeshick: vocals, ney - Keke Muin: didgeridoo - Baptiste Vallet: bass, guitar, programming - Flop's Diara & Christophe Planque: percussion
4. Koolyan by Ash Dargan, 4:07 Ash Dargan: didgeridoo, vocals, wooden flutes, percussion
5. Morning Prayer by Rivertribe, 9:47 Michael Lane: didgeridoo, djembe - David Gleeson: violin - Matthew Aitchison: keyboards
6. Roam by Arbre Noir, 5:06 Mickael Vassallo: sounds, programming, guitar - Rudiger Schlecht: didgeridoo, tables - Jens Dittberner: bass
7. Forest Fantasy by Ariel Kalma, 5:12 Olivier Bessaignet: programming, keyboards - Olivier Marot: guitar, bass - Ariel Kalma: flute, didgeridoo, nature field recording
8. Wide Skies by Gondwanaland, 5:08 Peter Carolan: keyboards, production - Charlie McMahon: didgeridoo - Ed Duquemin: percussion
9. Stranger to Myself by Axis, 6:08 Mike Edwards & Michael Jackson: didgeridoo - Heiko Altmann: violin
10. Shadowland by Andrew Clermont, 3:37 Stephan Richter: cello - Andrew Clermont: violin - Craig Lauritsen: percussion
11. Spirit Alive by Kristian Benton, 4:34 Kristian Benton: didgeridoo, vocals, percussion - Parris MacLeod: drums, keyboards
Maya Farner and Cordula von Martha used the music track Snake by Charlie McMahon (naturally with his approval) for TranceForms.

TranceForms stages an ancient Egyptian healing ritual as a contemporary meeting between dance and picture. The ceremony is led by a Sheika who opens up the connection to the spirit world to a help seeking person. The task of the adept is to be dancing to reconcile with her Djinns. In a ritual transformation she erperiences the longed for healing.

Enjoy a beautiful performance.


Did you know all the names and spellings of didgeridoo?
Didgeridu, Didjeridoo, Didjeridou, Didjeridu, Didgereedoo, Didgiridoo, Digereedoo, Digeredoo, Digiridoo, Dijeridu, Dijeridoo, Digerido, Didge, Yidaki, Yirdaki, Ebroo, Bamboo, Dream Pipe, even Bullroarer!


Didgeridoo Fantasy reviewed by Music Design

The didgeridoo is one of the most unusual and fascinating of instruments. At first blush, its guttural groan sounds almost primitive. Yet it possesses a reverberated resonance that makes it sound like the instrumental equivalent of Tibetan overtone chanting.

Australian-based label Music Mosaic has always taken a particular shine to the instrument, and their compilation DIDGERIDOO FANTASY shows this. The album is less funky than some of the label's other didgeridoo releases, featuring songs that are rhythmic, somewhat smooth and focused on melody while the didg sounds in the backdrop. Included here are songs by prolific didg player Stephen Kent, regular Music Mosaic contributor Ariel Kalma, Rivertribe, Andrew Clermoint and others.

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