Quote by Jean Houston

Next is now, world music as the single most potent force in the culture of fusion ... World music-makers are like shamans, carrying us on magic carpets of riffs and melodies through states of consciousness that spin us out of time to lands not yet invented but glimpsed on the aural horizon ... And so we see that music brings us, in the jumping of our cells, from what is past to what is trying to become the future. lt expresses and fulfills our need to hear the spirit in the dark.
(Jean Houston in Jump Time, Sentient Publ. 2004)

Dance Party Music

World Fusion Groove

If you are looking for different party music to dance to you came to the right place! Here you will find delightful, high quality compilations to create a magical vibrant atmosphere for your dance party playlist. Alternate between didgeridoo trance dance, drumming dance remixes and tribal beats to enhance the trance feel of your nights. You will also discover otherworldly original organic ambient tracks for your chillout moments and special occasions.

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Be different by bringing distinctive rhythms for your one of a kind dance mix. Explore our unique collection; it will be worth your time so you can pop some distinctive grooves and ambiences during your house parties for an exclusive dance party of your own.

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Didgeridoo Birds Dance CD More info

Didgeridoo Birds Dance - Naturally Groovy
The Australian outback fusion of ambient birds and world-beat mixes... getting on the dance floor, jammin' with the birds!

Dance Planet CD <a href="http://musicmosaic.bandcamp.com/album/dance-planet">Earth Dance Dreamtime (Mystic Rhythms) by Music Mosaic</a> More info

Dance Planet
A fun wild dance party music for body, mind & spirit.Exotic and funky dance rhythms from Australia, Europe, USA, the Caribbean and more, pumping a hot/cool dance journey through your system. High energy music to move your feet and stir your soul! Intoxicating rhythms & charged vocals quicken your pulse, shake off your blues and transform your lounge, simply by pressing PLAY.

Didgeridoo Trance Dance 3 More info

Didgeridoo Trance Dance 3
Another uplifting energy sound grid for worldbeat dance masters around the world: King didgeridoo blows up the drum n’ bass’s deep space… sizzling synthesisers keep the trance dreaming across myriads of stars inside your mind… divine lines of luminous light emanating from popular rhythms rocking the club scene!

Tribal Rocks! CD <a href="http://musicmosaic.bandcamp.com/album/tribal-rocks">Khatar (Alex mix) by Music Mosaic</a>
More info

Tribal Rocks!
Tribal music of modern trance dance with a twist of the tribal world: The drums entrance past and present in an intoxicating party with ethnic influences, uplifting rituals and celebrations of Life - dub mixes of percussion, tribal voices, didgeridoo, with inspirations from Africa, North America, Egypt, India, Central Europe, Pakistan, Australia. - Dance till you drop!

Drumming Planet CD <a href="http://musicmosaic.bandcamp.com/album/drumming-planet">Drumming Circle (Professor Trance) by Music Mosaic</a>
More info

Drumming Planet
Vivacious Ethno-Trance drum music mixes vibrate from an array of percussion instruments (log, dumbeck, pony, derbuka, dhol, bhodran, frame, jun-jun, tablas, etc). Hypnotic rhythms with ancient roots in ritual ceremonies from the South Pacific, Africa, Ireland, Native America, India and other exotic regions will set your tribal fires burning! Breathe deeply. then move, stretch and embrace a rich mythical sound-journey unfurling within these tribal-music fires.

Watch on YouTube: Drum music - Talking Drums by Ariel Kalma

Fire Drums CD <a href="http://musicmosaic.bandcamp.com/album/fire-drums">Fire Drums (Ariel Kalma / Kamal M. Engels) by Music Mosaic</a>
More info

Fire Drums
High energy worldbeats and sizzling rhythms to dance, drive, or just tap your foot to. Drum masters from around the planet blend traditional sounds with modern percussive arrangements highlighting many eclectic styles: ethno-groove, carnival, Latin, African, ambient trance and Cuban – featuring congas, dun-dun, darbuka, bendir, dhollo, djembe, tabla, tambourine, shakers. Fire Drums will spark your imagination.

Watch on YouTube: Drum Music: Fire Drums

Drum Trance CD <a href="http://musicmosaic.bandcamp.com/album/drum-trance">Olololale Africa Club (Adesa) by Music Mosaic</a>
More info

Drum Trance
Globe trot non-stop from dance to trance in contempo percussive fusion mixes of ancient instruments, kaleidoscopic musical styles from Africa, New York’s underground, Europe and the Middle East - A synergic ambience with scalding desert dunes, primeval forests, tribal rituals and mystical lands of the imagination.

Didgeridoo Trance Dance CD <a href="http://musicmosaic.bandcamp.com/album/didgeridoo-trance-dance">Gurrupurung (Gondwana) by Music Mosaic</a>
More info

Didgeridoo Trance Dance
Pumping rhythms of the wild... droning, eternal voices of an ancient future. exotic nature sounds and rapid-fire percussion create an inter-dimensional journey into mindless spirit. Earthy didgeridoo with Australian aboriginal voices blend with UK techno-shamanic, traditional Native American Peyote chant, NYC trip-hop and Afro-Caribbean tribal rhythms... all fused into a thrilling dance compilation.

Watch on YouTube: Didgeridoo music video

Didgeridoo Trance Dance 2 CD <a href="http://musicmosaic.bandcamp.com/album/didgeridoo-trance-dance-2">1. Resonate the Head (Charlie Mc Mahon &amp; Gondwana) by Music Mosaic</a>
More info

Didgeridoo Trance Dance 2
An ancient instrument blend with organic beats and contemporary sounds, will take you through the gates of Trance-Dreamtime, where outer boundaries dissolve into a pulsating inner world - Gondwana & Charlie McMahon, Hilight Tribe, Si & Wild Marmelade, Ash Dargan, Andy Graham, Yomano, 1k Science, Ariel Kalma, Papi Moreno, OKA, and other artists play with driving percussion wizards and master remixers to provoke primordial up-tempo rhythms, and mysterious fictional backgrounds of bizarre styles, all sure to trance energies around!
Dance Africa DL CD <a href="http://musicmosaic.bandcamp.com/album/dance-africa">Oshi (Obo Addy) by Music Mosaic</a>
More info

Dance Africa
The blood of a primal continent beats through Djembe drums, derbuka, bells, shakers, and tamburine pulses. The dance flows in the pumping rhythms, weaving through voice calls, joyful orchestras, guitar, horns, balafon, kalimba, and kora. From Egypt to Mozambique, through Ghana and other exotic countries, this compilation presents gifted artists to make you and Africa dance.

Tribal Trance Dance <a href="http://musicmosaic.bandcamp.com/album/tribal-trance-dance">Earthsong (Karunesh) by Music Mosaic</a>
More info

Tribal Trance Dance
Trance out to tribal rhythms merged with Turkish Drum & Bass, Moroccan ethno-pop, Dj mix from Ghana and Brazilian electro-rap. Journey with American Indian medicine men and Australian hill-people from the rainforests of Oceania to the brash Indo-pop clubs of Indonesia. Modern ethnic dance music with djembe, derbuka, gamelan, bagpipe, native flutes, tabla, log drum and other exotic instruments.