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Next is now, world music as the single most potent force in the culture of fusion ... World music-makers are like shamans, carrying us on magic carpets of riffs and melodies through states of consciousness that spin us out of time to lands not yet invented but glimpsed on the aural horizon ... And so we see that music brings us, in the jumping of our cells, from what is past to what is trying to become the future. lt expresses and fulfills our need to hear the spirit in the dark.
(Jean Houston in Jump Time, Sentient Publ. 2004)

Didgeridoo Groove CD - Ethno-trance World-beat

Various Artists

From smooth jazz to funky jungle, from the vast Australian outback to the smoldering cyber-clubs of Bombay. Trip-out with this groove journey into the modern world of the ancient didgerioo - enhanced with drums, guitar, sax, throat singing, bass, synthesizer, sitar, native Amrican flutes and other multicultural instruments.

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Track 1: Didgeridoo Groove
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Musicians and Instruments
1. Didgeridoo Groove by Ariel Kalma, 7:09 Ethno trance percussion and groovy drums, a moving dance with dumbeck, log drums, Balinese hand cymbals, didgeridoo, saxwahphone, keyboards and effects. Ariel Kalma: didgeridoo, saxophone - Stephen Be: dumbeck - Mat Goodwin: log drums - Greg Sheehan: Balinese cymbals
2. Universal Dance by Ed Drury, 3:32 Multicultural dance grooves where an aboriginal didgeridoo meets an American Indian tribe with drumming, shaker, chants and flute. Ed Drury: didgeridoo, native flute, drums, programming
3. Red Center Awakens by Sounds of the Outback, 3:41 Uplifting track in a driving rhythm - listen to the didgeridoo as the Red Center awakens to another day. Gary Cannell: didgeridoo - Chris Cockburn: keyboards - Peter Chappell: percussion
4. Shade by Gondwana, 4:56 Multi-layered didgeridu riffs and traditional Arnhem Land voices mixed with dance floor drum'n bass to create an original earth sound. Charlie McMahon: didgeridoo - Eddy Duquemin: percussion - Djoili Liawonga: vocals - Tom Kelly: vocals
5. Little People by Steven Cragg, 4:16 Chill trance world funk groove tribal nature mystery, percussion and sounds of the deep rain forest. Steven Cragg: didgeridoo, programmin
6. Crooked by © Orocol, 5:30 Tribal meeting of 3 didgeridoos with 3 percussions, overseen by the master shaker. Adam Henwood: didgeridoo - Ben Crook: percussion
7. Taralinga Lila by © Tarshito / Sangeet, 6:23 Rhythmic dance with tribal Eastern and classical influences. Sangeet: sitar - Tarshito: guitar - Jimmy: didgeridoo, djembe - Mandy: cello
8. Balanda Dancing by © Stephan Richter, 5:16 A didgeridoo and a saxophone talk to each other, soon dancing with a cello and percussion. A jazzy world music classic. Alastair Black: didgeridoo - Stephan Richter: cello - Steve Tod percussions - Chris Soole: saxophone
9. Intuvalation by © Didjworks, 5:27 Modern composition of drum and bass plus didgeridoo and organ, mixed with throat singing voices and other goodies from various cultures. Simon 7: didgeridoo - V. Vardoen: keyboards, programming - Deep Singh: tabla - Paula Patocki: percussion
10. Chamber 11 by © Soulfood, Wingmakers, 4:16 A classical vocalist accompanied by Eastern grooves and tribal rhythms. Sensible dance of inner feelings. Soulfood: programming, keyboards, vocals
11. Kokopelli Dreaming by © Kailash, 6:57 Kokopelli - the sacred flute player - sows the magical seeds of love and dancing, accompanied by a deep didgeridoo and native percussion. Kailash: didgeridoo, flute (Native American), vocals - Alain Eskinasi: percussions

Did you know all the names and spellings of didgeridoo?
Didgeridu, Didjeridoo, Didjeridou, Didjeridu, Didgereedoo, Didgiridoo, Digereedoo, Digeredoo, Digiridoo, Dijeridu, Dijeridoo, Digerido, Didge, Yidaki, Yirdaki, Ebroo, Bamboo, Dream Pipe, even Bullroarer!


Didgeridoo Groove reviewed by Music Design

Music Mosaic is uniting the Australian outback with club culture once again on DIDGERIDOO GROOVE. As can be expected from the title, the didgeridoo takes center stage on each of these eleven tracks, whose influences range from jazzy funk to the Asian Underground. This tribal adventure includes the likes of Steven Cragg, with his primordial-sounding "Little People" as well as Soulfood with the mysterious "Chamber 11" from their Wingmakers project. "Taralinga Lila" from Tarshito/Sangeet swirls a little Indian mysticism into the mix, while "Kokopelli Dreaming" from Kailash crosses the Pacific and provides a Native American/didgeridoo hybrid. The Outback never sounded so funky!

Didgeridoo Groove reviewed by Mara Applebaum: from Sounds From the Ground Up

On the compilation album Didgeridoo Groove, artists from all over the world offer tracks to create a funkadelic tribute to the ancient didgeridoo. Best among them are Gondwana's "Shade," a percussion-heavy piece with great programming, and the blissfully unadulterated "Crooked," featuring three didgeridoos in a match with three percussion instruments, by Orocol. Several of the artists use samples of indigenous vocals or the real thing.

From techno to aboriginal, listeners will find a full range of didgeridoo selections here. The didgeridoo undoubtedly is one of my favorite rhythmic instruments. If you cater to customers who appreciate world and electronica music, Didgeridoo Groove will be a good album to spotlight. The funky, colorful booklet cover art will grab attention, too!

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