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Next is now, world music as the single most potent force in the culture of fusion ... World music-makers are like shamans, carrying us on magic carpets of riffs and melodies through states of consciousness that spin us out of time to lands not yet invented but glimpsed on the aural horizon ... And so we see that music brings us, in the jumping of our cells, from what is past to what is trying to become the future. lt expresses and fulfills our need to hear the spirit in the dark.
(Jean Houston in Jump Time, Sentient Publ. 2004)

Drum Drive CD - Percussion Worldbeat Fusion Music

Various Artists

Drum music - Extra long play album to keep you going with drums, percussion, shakers, bells and whistles. These moving rhythms will get you lost in trance inducing bliss. Make some noise, bang on something! Destress, have fun, let your hair down, strut your stuff, drive yourself nuts, go bananas.

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Watch track 3:
Drum Drive -
Fast beats with Indian instruments, cymbals, a cookie jat and furious synth
by Ariel Kalma

or watch at our Music Mosaic YouTube channel
Watch track 6:
Oasis -
A voyage through the endless Sahara desert where the rhythms are the only guides to the oasis.
by Ruben Van Rompaey

or watch at our Music Mosaic YouTube channel
Track Musicians and Instruments
1. Gyana by Tarshito, 5:35 Tarshito: all instruments, programming
2. Kuku by Hilight Tribe, 4:57 G. Ruzé: guitar - L. pelissier: jumbé - S. Garcia: drum - R. Peres: bass - L. Didier: congas - M. Duroy: sound engineer
3. Drum Drive by Ariel Kalma, 6:18 Greg Sheehan: percussion, cookie box - Matt Goodwin: percussion, cymbals - Ariel Kalma: Keyboard, programming
4. Dancing With The Devil by Arto Tuncboyacian & Vahagn Hayrapetyan, 3:00 Arto Tuncboyacian: percussion, bular, vocals - Vahagn Hayrapetyan: keyboards
5. Downtown by Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors, 4:17 Chris Botti: trumpet - Robert Ansell: Drum - Geoffrey Gordon: pony drum, tablas - Sergio Brandao: bass
6. Oasis by Ruben Van Rompaey 5:50 Ruben Van Rompaey: darbuka, bendir, dhollo, djembe, def, tabla, davul, finger cymbals, tambourine, shaker
7. TranceMissions by Kamal M. Engel, 5:48 Steve Nugent, Simon Peisley, Gadi: djembe - Zohar: dun dun - Varij: shakers - Kamal M. Engel: programming
8. Shamans Dance by Rishi & Harshil 7:47 Rishi Vlote, Harshil Chiostri: djembe, percussions, bells
9. Power Dance by Professor Trance, 7:09 Frank Natale: vocals - Alain Eskinasi: keyboards, percussion - Pim Kilian: percussion
10. Ritual Woodoo by Anjey Satori, 5:56 Anjey Satori: drums, percussion, synthesizer
11. Timo by Mecca Bodega, 3:05 Paul Mueller: trap kit (drumkit), Dr Djo Bi: djembe, Marc Mueller: kalimba
12. Shimmer by The Riff Tin, 3:58 John Lloyd: drums, percussion - John sweeting: bass, programming

Did you know the large variety of drums? - And yes, they are played in our drum compilations.

Percussion, pony drum, jun-jun drum, balafon, korlegonor, djembe, bunte, gome, blekete, dumbek, frame drums, khamak, dubki, dhol, khol, darbuka, kanjira tambourine, dun-dun, bendir, dhollo, def, tablas, davul, ia, itotele, udu-drum, ocarina-udu, zilla-drum, congas, talking drum, hoshso, bougarabou, bakdav drum, hi-hat, toms, mbira, oprente, kpanlogo, percussion, drum kit, ngoma, cajon percussion, drum machine, drum loops, balafon, tar, bells


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Drum Drive

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