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Next is now, world music as the single most potent force in the culture of fusion ... World music-makers are like shamans, carrying us on magic carpets of riffs and melodies through states of consciousness that spin us out of time to lands not yet invented but glimpsed on the aural horizon ... And so we see that music brings us, in the jumping of our cells, from what is past to what is trying to become the future. lt expresses and fulfills our need to hear the spirit in the dark.
(Jean Houston in Jump Time, Sentient Publ. 2004)

Groove Temple CD- Sensual East-West Worldbeat Fusion

Various Artists

Groove music - Pulsing world beats interweave with spacious melodies for a cool sacred journey into the global temple of music. Hypnotic sounds of exotic instruments (sarod, dumbeck, hajouj, tablas) and enticing voices emanate from India, Australasia, Central Europe and the African savannah. Edged with electric accents (keyboard, cello, guitar, synthesizer, drums, bass) and full of mystical verve, this sound-ceremony will ignite your Spirit!

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Ariel Kalma - Groove Temple  
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Track 7 Rhythm and Soul by Ariel Kalma, also on our Music Mosaic YouTube Channel
Track Description Musicians and Instruments
1. Terra Australis by Yantra de Vilder / Zia Moreau, 6:21 Didgeridoo drones under trip hop drums weaving through dance grooves and ambience. Yantra de Vilder: keyboard, synthesiser, programming - Zia Moreau: programming
2. Kikuyu by Nathalie Manser, 6:06 African percussion and strings with a spacious cello melody. David Richards: keyboard textures - Blaise Lambelet: oboe - D. Vulzor: bass guitar
3. Radhe by Lost at Last, 7:35 Dedicated to the emerging 3rd millennium goddess. Deva Priyo : sarod - Jaya Lakshmi: vocals - Om: keyboard - Daniel Paul: tablas<
4. Bhaarat by Solace, 6:08 Lush Indian vocals accompanied by tablas and dhol drum loops. Take a journey into the heart of India. Jereniah M Soto: programming - Gopal Marathe: vocals, tablas - Shruti Marathe: vocals - NIshad Marathe: tablas
5. March Across the Endless Plain by Cecil Harding, 5:02 An uplifting journey to an imaginary land moves neuronic memories towards a future-past. Cecil Harding: guitar, synthesiser, bass, programming
6. Inner Horizon by Professor Trance, 4:39 Danceable initation about elderhood and the ability to travel the inner landscape of our minds. Frank Natale :vocals, percussion - Alain Eskinasi: keyboard - Pim Kilian: percussion
7. Rhythm and Soul by Ariel Kalma, 6:44 - *See above comment on YouTube Sensual chill-out dance to let go with the rhythms of dumbeck, percussion, drums and a spacious synthesiser. Ariel Kalma: synthesisiser, low-tuned dumbeck - Stephen Be: derbuka, percussion
8. Punjab by Karunesh, 7:12 Touching the depth of the heart - tender vocals merging with the ecstatic celebration of violin and shakuhachi calls. Karunesh: keyboard, synthesiser, programming - Don Lax: violon
9. Rêves Indiens by Loy Ehrlich, 3:42 Multiple colours, mysterious themes and a haunting saxophone weave softly, like a never ending scenery. Loy Ehrlich: keyboard, programming, hajouj, percussion - 'Jah' Pinpin: soprano saxophone

Watch on YouTube: Drum Music - Rhythm and Soul by Ariel Kalma


Groove Temple reviewed by The Evil Couch: Jive Magazine

With this album, I'm about to just create a label saying "It's from Music Mosaic, buy it." It's as if these people can do no wrong. Releasing hit after World-Beat hit, these people have been scouring the globe to find the very best and they've done it time after time. Even if you've known about Music Mosaic all along, there'll still be a few surprises this time around. Billing itself as a "cool sacred journey into the global temple of music", this album is right up my alley, since I worship Music.

Starting things off with "Terra Australis" a didgeridoo track that literally winds itself up in the beginning, this album is off to a good start with a deep, atmospheric track that slowly pulls itself through the mists and reveals itself as chilled atmospheric Drum and Bass track and then slowly vanishes again. With track three, the album reveals its ties to electronic music with the synths of Lost at Last's "Radhe". The vocals of Deva Priyo serving as an anchor to reality as the acid Trance counter-melody whirls around the tablas that take control of your senses. Next, Solace's "Bhaarat" is a distinctly Indian Two Step song that sends you on a slow, reverent stroll to the local temple to hear the commanding, yet soothing priest's call. Cecil Harding's "March Across the Endless Plain" sounds just like the title would have you believe. It's a gentle, plodding beat, almost as if you were on a camel, traveling out into the wind-swept desert as a rock guitar leads the caravan.

"Rhythm and Soul" by Ariel Kalma, one of the founders of Music Mosaic, etches out a warm place in the rocks to wait out the rain, as one of the best Chill-out tracks I've ever heard. Following in at track number 8, is my favorite artist on the Music Mosaic label, Karunesh. Named after a region in Indian, their tribal Trance masterpiece "Punjab" is the best tracks I've heard this month. With hauntingly gorgeous vocals and a soundscape that stretches out as far as the ears can hear: a new instrument every time you turn around. From the tribal drums, to the violin, to the flute, the song is such a powerful piece of musical artistry that every time I hear it, I have to hear it at least once more. I continuously draw parallels between them and Enigma, because of both their styles, their sheer skill and the beauty of music that they create. This album is more than great. It's more than simply spiritual. It's like a prayer with a beat.

This album is so passionate, so powerful that anyone that has any love for music needs it and needs it now. Forget all that you've heard before. This is communion with all life, all music. This is the world in music.

I give it five out of five biscuits, without reservation.

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