Quote by Jean Houston

Next is now, world music as the single most potent force in the culture of fusion ... World music-makers are like shamans, carrying us on magic carpets of riffs and melodies through states of consciousness that spin us out of time to lands not yet invented but glimpsed on the aural horizon ... And so we see that music brings us, in the jumping of our cells, from what is past to what is trying to become the future. lt expresses and fulfills our need to hear the spirit in the dark.
(Jean Houston in Jump Time, Sentient Publ. 2004)

Tribal Rocks! CD - World-Beat Music & Ethnic Fusion

Various Artists

Tribal Rocks! - Tribal music of modern trance dance with a twist of the tribal world: The drums entrance past and present in an intoxicating party with ethnic influences, uplifting rituals and celebrations of Life - dub mixes of percussion, tribal voices, didgeridoo, with inspirations from Africa, North America, Egypt, India, Central Europe, Pakistan, Australia. - Dance till you drop!

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Track Description Musicians and Instruments
1. Khatar (Alex mix) by Solace, 6:19 Undulating doof with Middle-Eastern rhythms on a belly dance tune. Jeremiah M. Soto: Percussion, Keyboard - Lydia Fortner: Vocals - Alex Spurkel: Percussion - Jim Karagozian: Kanoun - Dann M. Torres: Oud & Cumbus
2. Woman Irie by Hilight Tribe, 4:48 Driving song mixing hot percussion with Morrocan rhythms and an insisting bass Gregory Ruze, Ludovic Pélissier, Sébastien Garcia, Richard Peres, Laurent Didier
on Guitar, Djembe, Bass, Drum kit, Congas, Sound effects
3. Tribal Rocks! by Ariel Kalma, 7:09 What happens when African voices & rhythms, didgeridoo, Tibetan chants, saxophone, Indian percussion, salsa horns, American Indian dance, mix together? Tribal Rocks! Ariel Kalma: Saxophone, Didgeridoo, Programming, Synthesizer, Sound effects
4. Pleme (tribal mix short edit) by LadoElectro, 3:18 Ethno dance music from Croatia - a folk song with electronic elements. Hrvoje Crnić/Boris Harfman: Composers, Programming, Electronics
5. Woyalolo by Adesa, 2:35 All lies look like truth but only one way leads to our heart. We should never lose courage: Let's jump high so we don't trip on stones! Nii Ayi Conen, Tettey Addy, Korkoi Odametey: Percussion
Julius Nartey: Balafon - Lantey Lankai: Kpanlogo - Nana Ansong: Flutes
6. Derwood Green by Hossam Ramsey & Phil Thornton, 6:02 High pitched Egyptian reed trumpet (mizmar) and soft bamboo flute (kawala)
alternate solos accompanied by percussion, didgeridoo on a Saaidi rhythm.
Phil Thornton: Didgeridoo, Programming - Hossam Ramzy: Egyptian Percussion
Mohamed Ali: Mizmar - Abdalla Helmy: Kawala - Mamdouh El Gebaly: Oud
7. Yankin Brat by Descendance, 4:50 Contemporary fusion of Bulgarian singing, Indian rhythmic phrases, Australian
didgeridoo and a groovy accompaniment
Silvia Encheva: Vocals - Jose Calarco, Tim Cahill: Programming
8. Kosuma by Professor Trance, 7:37 An uplifting tune inspired by the Kahuna shamans of Polynesia. It conveys the ecstatic state of consciousness the trance-dancers experience once they have freed their mind. Frank Natale: Vocals, Percussion - Alain Eskinasi: Keyboard, Programming
Pim Kilian: Percussion
9. Rainmaker by Tarshito, 5:53 World Fusion music with a tribal feel. The interplay between the breathy pan flutes and the haunting sarangi lead into a tribal dance of chanting and drums. Tarshito: Keyboard, Programming
10. Dawn of Alghoza by Haroon Awan, 2:43 Deep Punjabi vibes in Alghoza, Pakistan. Dhol and tumbi instruments with native voices create a trancey atmosphere. Haroon Ahmad Awan: Programming, Keyboards
11. Le vieux Lion by Loy Ehrlich/Wasis Diop, 3:55 The mysterious voice of Wasis Diop is accompanied by modern keyboards
and ancestral instruments like the hajouj, an African three string bass.
Loy Ehrlich: Synthesizer, Keyboards, Hajouj, Percussion
Wasis Diop: Vocals



Tribal Rocks! reviewed on iTunes Australia:

Highly recommended! Tribal music at its best in a dance party. The tracks flow into each other seamlessly and create a journey to trance on. I recognised rhythms and melodies from several countries but the modern production could be from anywhere. What a great CD!

Tribal Rocks! reviewed by Music Design:

Prepare yourself to be swept up in a surge of exotic energy! The pulse of tribal dance music reverberates throughout Music Mosaic’s TRIBAL ROCKS, a collection of fusion songs that blend thumping beats with indigenous rhythms. Featured here are musicians from around the globe – Australia, Africa, Asia, India and beyond, all displaying their
talents for blending the essence of the earth’s tribal cultures with modern beats. This swirl of sound features didgeridoo, flutes, percussion, vocal samples and more.