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Quote by Jean Houston

Next is now, world music as the single most potent force in the culture of fusion ... World music-makers are like shamans, carrying us on magic carpets of riffs and melodies through states of consciousness that spin us out of time to lands not yet invented but glimpsed on the aural horizon ... And so we see that music brings us, in the jumping of our cells, from what is past to what is trying to become the future. lt expresses and fulfills our need to hear the spirit in the dark.
(Jean Houston in Jump Time, Sentient Publ. 2004)

Tribal Groove 2
Tribal Groove 1
World-Beat Music & Ethnic Fusion

Various Artists

Tribal music - Ancient-future calling from the wild. Primal rhythms meet heartfelt emotions in skilled mixes where the Global Tribe dance in our modern life. Hand drums, traditional instruments, percussion and worldbeat electronica with vocals from the four corners of the world. Great music to cruise, relax, trance, and wake up to the spirit of our dreams!

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Tribal Groove 2 - Various Artists  
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Review by Music Design:

Adventurous rhythms from off the beaten path join with club culture in Music Mosaic’s entrancing compilation TRIBAL GROOVE 2. The music here offers a diverse mix of songs that range from traditional tribal-style music to global fusion music with an earthy twist. The album begins with the laid-back meditative vibes of Karunesh, whose song “Helele Ma” pairs rhythm with atmospheric ambience. TNA Groove’s “Africa Calling” has a quintessential African sound, with celebratory chant and lots of scampering drums. The album soon travels to Asia with the tabla-infused grooves of Dubtrak, before heading back to the Mother Continent with the colorful sounds of Baka Beyond, and then over to America for the Native-themed “Wee Ya Wee” from Gregor Theelen. Great compilation for any listener who likes ethnic fusion music with a tribal kick.
Tracks Descriptions Listen and watch our YouTube videos
1. Helele Ma by Karunesh, 5:34 Karunesh's Hawaiian inspired track blended with his well known rhythmic vibes and a classic electric guitar solo by Govi. not available
2. Africa Calling (World Beat Mix) by TNA Groove, 3:50 Tribal vocal chants and African style percussion fused with melodic synths and drums.
3. Whakarongo by Aonua, 5:08 Whakarongo means 'listen' in Maori. This song is about listening and immersing yourself in the sounds of nature of the South Pacific.
4. Dancing with my Guru by Dubtrak, 6:09 After early morning meditation, the mind’s eye sees clearly universal oneness of ALL. There is nothing to be said, so your Guru spontaneously invites you to a dance: you clap hands, sing ,and play flutes and sitar.
5. Electric Tribe by Little Thoughts, 5:48 Ethnically tinged hip-hop / chillout with African vocals
6. Muidinho Break by Komodo, 5:45 Tribal House featuring Australian didgeridoo, Brazilian berimbau not available
7. Yoka by Baka Beyond, 5:00 Traditional African Baka song played on an ieta with call and response vocals. not available
8. Wee Ya Wee Ya by Mystic Rhythms, 5:16 American Indian singing on a smooth groove - a meeting of worlds, past and modern. not available
9. Inna Motion by 1K Systems, 5:22 Mystery of the East with a modern twist: a combo band pulse Egyptian
inspired hypnotic strings and flute dance on irresistable drums.
not available
10. Hardy Ari by Ariel Kalma, 9:08 An intricate synth loop and haunting vocals explore the vastness of
space with hurdy-gurdy, tablas, flute, drums and strange effect loops…
listen several times to get it?


Tribal Groove 1
Tribal Groove 2
World-Beat Music & Ethnic Fusion

Various Artists

Tribal Groove - The Tribal Spirit awakens and explodes in vibrant celebration with instruments & vocals from Africa, Native America, the Middle East, Australia, Mongolia, Tibet, and other regions. Enter these magical lands where ancient rhythms and cool grooves entwine into a moving, fresh and fascinating sound-journey. Featuring drums, tabla, dumbeck, kanoun, accordion, flute and indigenous vocals mixed with keyboard, synthesizer and percussion.

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Karunesh - Tribal Groove  
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Track Description Musicians and Instruments
1. Call of the Tribes (remix) by Karunesh, 4:32 Like a playful, tribal meeting, a 'coming together' in the village center, connecting with the spirits of the tribe and remembering that all are one family. Karunesh: Keyboard, Synthesiser, Programming
2. Arunda by Keiya, 3:32 Arunda left the city in search of the fading light. He walked across the waters, through the forests, meeting musicians and dancers... This is the music he heard. Keiya: Programming, Drums, Percussion
3. Witches Dance by Hamsafar, 3:41 Driving poly-rhythms and mysterious melodies, a haunting song inspired by the dance of witches in Northern Africa. Prem Joshua: Saxophone - Nadama: Keyboard - Rishi Vlote: Drums - Chintan Relenberg : Bass
4. Mongolia by Limborg / Barki, 3:18 Mongolian throat harmonic singing and a sweet woman's voice mixed with drums, synthesiser, accordion. Limborg: Programming, Percussion - Barki: Vocals - Arnoux: Accordion
5. Spice Souk by James Asher, 4:42 Imagine the spice market, full of exotic flavors and fragrances - unusual melodies dancing through the perfumed air. James Asher: Programming - Sandeep Raval: Tabla - Kiran Thakrar: Keyboard
6. Didji Dance by Ganga Giri, 4:40 Didgeridoo, drumming rhythms, and bushland vocals. Uplifting energy of the primal landscape. Ganga Giri: Didgeridoo, Percussion, Vocals - Rick Cole: Programming
Or watch on our Music Mosaic YouTube Channel
7. Khatar by Solace, 3:34 Seductive vocals glide over groovy Arabic rhythms while the cumbus and kanoun interact with each other like characters in a story. Jeremiah M. Soto: Keyboard - Alex Spurkel: Dumbeck, Kanoun - Lydia Fortner: Vocals
8. Truth's Vibration by Professor Trance, 4:27 Danceable initiation: the 9th rite of passage is about letting go of our expectations and naïve clichés, and open up to simple reality. Frank Natale: Vocals, Percussion - Alain Eskinasi: Keyboard - Pim Kilian: Percussion
9. Jibal Al Nuba by Mahmood Fadl, 3:30 Driving hand claps and voices celebrating the rhythms of Nubian ancestors from the Nuba tribes near Sudan in East Africa. Mahmood Fadl: Percussion - Salma: Vocals - Amany: Vocals - Awadeya: Vocals
10. En Afrique by the capitali$ts, 5:15 Dancing voyage into the deep forests where pygmies, elves and pink panthers move along drums, bass, guitars and flutes - a groovy celebration of uplifting importance. John Lloyd: Groove Box - Anando Bharti: Bass - John Sweeting: Guitar - Ariel Kalma: Bamboo Flute
11. Inner Man by Michael Reimann, 3:07 Voices of African men and a slow rhythmic drumbeat mark the earthy stomping of the tribe. Michael Reimann: Programming, Vocals
12. Crazy Horse Remembers by Ariel Kalma, 4:18 Fire dance ceremony of drumming and voices - remembering Wounded Knees and honoring the ancestors. Ariel Kalma: Programming, Percussion - Stephen Be: Vocals, Dumbeck, Percussion - Dolphin Dave: Dun Dun Drum
13. Sunbear/Ohm Mani by Tribe, 5:17 World mix of American Indian chants, African chorus and open chord guitar with a Tibetan mantra - an uplifting worldly cocktail. David Pendragon: Vocals, Programming - Martin Morris: Guitar - Bill Hall: Bass



Tribal Groove reviewed by Ben Ohmart: The Muse's Muse

Tribal Groove is yet another winning entry from the world beat label that is Music Mosaic. And never has a label name been more fitting. ‘The pulse of global harmony,’ their nickname, abounds in this hour’s worth of rhythmic pulse, blending ‘a moving, fresh and fascinating sound-journey’ with pretty much every corner of the World put into tight radio-length tracks.

If I had to pick among the apples and oranges, I would choose ‘Mongolia’ by Limborg as my favorite because it is somehow able to blend a smoothness to its shuffling groove, with an elegant female Chinese vocal at the front of it.

And therein lies the heaviest charm of Tribal Groove – its ability to relax at the same moment it tries to stir. And stir it does. But not by harsh house or overloading the senses with so many offshoot avenues and overdone mix that the music itself ceases to become clear. After all, your travels always work better when the destination is in sight.

From Africa to Australia and back to Native America, Tribal Groove moves with a sure precision that only a compilation album can muster. Every artist – 13 of ‘em – knows his/her own genre, and packages it in faultless trance or simple World music spiced up with enough rhythm to keep a Bee Gee happy. More than pleasant. Much more than that.

Tribal Groove reviewed by Dan Liss - New Age Voice Magazine

On Music Mosaic latest releases, they feature a few well known artists, (James Asher, Hamsafar, Karunesh, Professor Trance) and many lesser known (Keiya, Ganga Giri , Solace, Limborg/Barki, Mahmood Fadl, the Capitali$ts, Michael Reimann, Ariel Kalma) artists, thus serving the purpose that samplers are best suited for, introducing listeners to new material. The world music groove is powerful and the prevalent use of vocals on this CD really hikes up the intensity level. Once the music starts moving, the songs and chants in the aboriginal languages of Australia, North America, African, Mongolia, Tibet and the Middle East ring out with the pure emotional resonance of people who are using their voices to call to their fellow villagers and celebrate in the common spirit of a group ritual, rather than performers trying to create pop hits.

Since no specific information is provided in the liner notes, these voices may be samples or studio musicians imitating ethnic sounds. Whatever the exact origin of the voices, the effect is still powerful. Many listeners no doubt identify with the sheer authenticity of these sounds, which is why they take pleasure in listening to these languages they do not speak. This however, is not an anthropological field recording. It is a highly polished set of highly danceable grooves, set in motion by a combination of ethnic instruments, keyboards, synthesizers and contemporary instrumentation. Tribal Groove rocks from start to finish and will appeal to anyone looking for a set of dance beats with a primal punch

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